Real Estate Law

Farm land acquisition and sales. Purchase, sale, or lease of agricultural property. Zoning and land use. zoning laws and land-use regulations that impact agricultural property. Environmental compliance. Compliance with environmental regulations related to agriculture, such as those related to water quality, air quality, and waste management. Agricultural contracts. draft and review of contracts related to agricultural activities, such as contracts for the sale of agricultural products or the use of agricultural equipment. Estate planning. Assistance to farmers and ranchers in developing estate plans that take into account the unique challenges and opportunities of agricultural property. Water rights. Assist clients navigate complex water rights issues, including water use permits and water rights transfers. Agricultural subsidies and programs. understand and navigate the complex web of agricultural subsidies and programs available at a federal and provincial level. Agricultural finance and bankruptcy. Secure financing for agricultural operations and navigate the bankruptcy process if necessary. Argentine Farm Litigation. Litigation related to agricultural activities, such as disputes over land use, contracts, or environmental compliance.