Labor Law

Globalization has affected every single aspect of humankind, and work is not the exception. As a direct consequence, individuals and companies from all over the world rely on our expert guidance regarding the labor law currently in force in the Argentine Republic and in each of the provinces of the country.

At ArgentinaAttorneyLawyer, we offer a comprehensive and customized service for companies looking to establish branches in Argentina. Our team of duly-licensed attorneys work together with human resources managers, certified accountants, and tax specialists. We design a thorough and specific plan, which includes the legal framework to hire local employees or the applicable regulations in the case of foreign employees that need to relocate for work reasons. In this case, they receive legal assistance from our lawyers specialized in international and immigration law.

Below there is a brief overview of the Labor Law in the Argentine Republic.

An employment relationship exists when a person voluntarily and personally performs tasks for another individual or company. The employee shall receive remuneration in exchange.

According to the Labor Contract Law, if the above conditions are met, even if the parties -worker and employer- do not enter into a written employment contract, there will be an employment relationship. This automatically generates for both parties all the rights and obligations inherent thereto.

The Labor and Social Security systems are regulated by the following laws, among others:

Labor Contract Act 20.744, as amended;

Employment Law Act 24.013;

Labor Risks Act 24.557.

On the other hand, there are Collective Bargaining Agreements. They establish salary agreements and labor conditions for a specific productive sector.

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