Doing Business in Argentina

Companies Doing Business in Argentina need to follow three simple but strict requirements in order to start operating while being fully compliant with all Argentinian agencies: [1] File an Incorporation Deed as an SA, SRL or a SAS; [2] Obtain an Argentine tax ID to pay taxes and social security at the time of making profit and hiring employees in Argentina, [3] Open a Bank Account in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once one bank accepts the foreign applicant, all other banks will immediately want to open an a bank account for this company or individual. has a major bank that has been opening accounts for our verified clients and our success rate is almost 100% effective.

Once most international and foreign companies have fulfilled these steps which can all devote anywhere from 15 to 45 days in being completed depending on the urgency with which these steps are filed, companies can later hire employees, open multiple more bank accounts, buy vehicles, hire employees, retain the services of independent contractors and companies, purchase or lease machinery, obtain specific licenses and permits, buy real estate, rural and/or agricultural farmland, buy and sell Bitcoin or crypto, as well as many other commercial activities that businesses habitually conduct on a frequent basis. Our Argentine law firm has incorporated businesses from all around the world even though our expertise consists in assisting US companies coming from the Tech industry in California (software and hardware) as well as Companies looking to outsource highly qualified workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina who are perfectly bilingual and have a specific skill sets. The normal documents required to incorporate a business in Argentina include obtaining every shareholder’s passport copy, an attorney-client agreement and a simple power of attorney. Banks usually have more requirements such as obtaining a bio from each applicant as well as a letter in good standing from other international or foreign banks with which these applicants already have their banking setup. A 10 year criminal background check is required if extended and permanent stays, visas and residencies are a requirement to do business in Argentina.