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Limeres is a leading law firm that has successfully represented clients from all over the world for more than twenty years.

There are endless reasons why an individual or a business may need legal representation in the Argentine Republic. At our law firm, there is no language barrier or specific legal matter we can tackle thanks to the superb network of licensed attorneys operating throughout the country.

Since all our staff is fully bilingual, our customers feel at ease communicating in their own language. In addition, by means of a power of attorney, they do not need to travel to Argentina in order to be able to carry out any legal procedure.

At Limeres, there are several departments that specialize in different legal fields, such as Administrative, Civil, Commercial, Constitutional, Criminal, International, Family, Fiscal, Penal, Immigration, and Labor among others.


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Doing Business in Argentina

Companies Doing Business in Argentina need to follow three simple but strict requirements in order to start operating

Buy/Sell Farmland

To incorporate a company in Argentina the following steps and requirements must be met: [1] Choose the type of legal entity:

Real Estate Law

Farm land acquisition and sales. Purchase, sale, or lease of agricultural property. Zoning and land use. zoning laws

Criminal Law

For more than two decades, our team of licensed attorneys at Limeres has provided legal assistance.

Labor Law

Globalization has affected every single aspect of humankind, and work is not the exception.

LIMERES is an Argentine Law Firm established in 2004 that specializes in a wide array of areas.

LIMERES was founded in 2004. It started out with four Argentine lawyers who all shared a same background and common interest: They had all lived somewhere in the United States of America, and all four had either studied or worked at something related to practicing law or working at a US law firmĀ  in the United States of America. This helped them all understand how the U.S. legal system operates, and this is what later helped them build an international practice in Argentina.


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